Sarah Thompson is the clerk at the college and is entrusted with recruiting new governors to the organisation. Darlington College prides itself on being at the heart of its community and forging excellent relationships with businesses and other partners, including Teesside University.

In 2018, Sarah began using the free Inspiring FE Governance service to look for new skilled volunteers to serve as board members and she has been using the service ever since.

New volunteers are constantly signing up to the Inspiring FE Governance website

‘It can be difficult recruiting new volunteers in the North East so we started using the service about a year ago. At first there wasn’t a huge amount of potential volunteers to choose from but over the course of the year new people have signed up to the IFEG website, offering a very broad range of skills and experience

Now, I am pleased to say, we have used the service to recruit 3 new governors for the College’.

Volunteers at the click of a button

Sarah’s experience using the Inspiring FE Governance service was a positive one.

‘The service is relatively straightforward to use and the matching system makes the process of finding the right people easy. It’s helpful to be able to find the volunteers at the click of a button, which makes my job easier.’

And Sarah is a fan of the service

‘In general, it makes the process of finding new volunteers much easier. So we would definitely recommend the service to other colleges’